Journal of the alamire foundation no. 9/1, 2017

Motet Cycles (c. 1470-c.1510): Compositional Design, Performance, and Cultural Context
Guest editor: Agnese Pavanello

  • Agnese Pavanello, Introduction
  • Daniele V. Filippi, “‘Audire missam non est verba missae intelligere…’: The Low Mass and the Motetti missales in Sforza Milan”
  • Agnese Pavanello, “The Elevation as Liturgical Climax in Gesture and Sound: Milanese Elevation Motets in Context”
  • Felix Diergarten, “‘Aut propter devotionem, aut propter sonorositatem’: Compositional Design of Late Fifteenth-Century Elevation Motets in Perspective”

Motet Cycles between devotion and liturgy

Motet Cycles between Devotion and Liturgy. Edited by Agnese Pavanello and Daniele V. Filippi. Schola Cantorum Basiliensis Scripta. Basel: Schwabe (forthcoming in 2018).
With contributions by: Clare Bokulich, Felix Diergarten, Eva Ferro, Daniele V. Filippi, Marco Gozzi, Andrew Kirkman, Robert Nosow, Agnese Pavanello, Joshua Rifkin, Francesco Rocco Rossi, Fañch Thoraval, and Hana Vlhová-Wörner.