Motet cycles between devotion and liturgy

Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, April 8-9, 2016

The aim of this conference is to investigate the corpus of motet cycles composed and disseminated in manuscript and printed sources during the period between c.1470-c.1510. Whereas in scholarship up to the present day reflection on the notion ‘cycle’ has been focused almost exclusively on the Milanese motetti missales, we propose a broader definition. We will consider different types of cycles and mixed forms, and reassess their nature by combining the results of archival research, musical analysis, textual scholarship and liturgical studies.
In particular, we will address the principal undefined issues concerning the cycles’ functions: how do we position them within the framework of the liturgy? Can we make connections to aspects of late medieval devotional practices, such as private meditation or confraternity rituals? Or were some of these pieces actually in an uncharted area between liturgy and devotion?

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The conference will feature 2 keynote addresses, 13 papers, a round table, and a concert.

: Andrew Kirkman (Birmingham); Joshua Rifkin (Cambridge, MA).

Speakers: Claire Bokulich (Stanford); Felix Diergarten (Basel); David Fallows (Manchester); Eva Ferro (Freiburg im Br.); Daniele V. Filippi (Basel); Stefan Gasch (Wien); Marco Gozzi (Trento); Thomas Lentes (Münster); Birgit Lodes (Wien); Robert Nosow (Jacksonville, NC); Agnese Pavanello (Basel); Klaus Pietschmann (Mainz); Francesco Rocco Rossi (Milano); Fañch Thoraval (Louvain); Dominique Vellard (Basel); Marie Verstraete (Basel); Hana Vlhova-Woerner (Bangor).